Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ESP Commentary Extravaganza!

Last year, Peter Lopez of SPIK Productions contacted me to ask permission to include the Voice of the Republic commentary for Empire Strikes Back on a DVD he was making. This DVD would include the commentaries by many other podcasts, some of which we all know andf love like Simple Tricks and Nonsense, The Force Cast, and SWAN.

You can download the parts and make your own DVD by following these instructions:

1. Download the parts (about 4.3G - Have 8 or 9G of free hard drive space handy) from here:

2. Next step is to begin the downloading process. Here's two options:

Option 1
Firefox plugin: FlashGot
Install : (requires a restart)
Should be able to Option-Click on the browser page with all the .rar links and there's a FlashGot all option. The problem with this method is it attempts to download as many as it can as fast as it can. and that could cause some errors, if the domain server can't keep up.

Option 2
jDownloader is a program used by many to download multiple files which are put onto free hosting sites, but it can also be used to batch download.
Install :
In the program is a tab called 'Linkgrabber' drag and drop or input the links there. Once you've got a handful you can do a test, "Continue with all" should move them to the 'Download' tab, and then the program will automatically download. Check the preferences to find where they are being downloaded to. The program I believe downloads two at a time, which should not cause any bad downloads.

After all of them are downloaded, you need a program which can unRAR them.
Has RAR 3.93 for Mac OS X, install. might be already part of the operation system but a new version does solve some issues.

Double click on the first file : AESB.part001.rar and the program will put together the pieces to make the dvd file. it's an .IMG which is the same as an .ISO and can be burned with most dvd software. (mac, linux or pc)

You can use the native Mac, DVD Player, or VLC which is an all purpose media player.
Either one of these programs can play the .IMG before you burn the disc.
but once burned it should be playable on any dvd player.

I'm on a Mac, but PC pals feel free to post your own method. The above instructions were from Peter himself, but personally I downloaded the file, opened it with Stuffit Expander, then burned the disc in Toast. Works great, and there's even a DVD cover you can print.

Enjoy, and VOR hopes you had great Christmases!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Guess Who? Mike and... Eddie?

Don't go burning down your local movie theater adorned in VOR t-shirts and Clone helmets, but VOR is back, albeit briefly. Mike and Ed return to your future box to catch up, talk some Star Wars smack, and look back on the last year. Bring us along as you attempt to finish your last-minute shopping, or if you need to escape your screaming wife and/or children. We're back for YOU!

Special Thanks:
Martin Solveig and Dragonette - Hello
The Joy Formidable - Whirring