Wednesday, July 25, 2012

40 (Part One)

Ed and Mike discuss the prospects of aging gracefully, discuss the myth of numbers, and give some tips to staying sexy forever.

Or at least until you hit forty.

Special Thanks: 1972 brings you...

The Chakachas - Jungle Fever

Lou Reed - Take A Walk on the Wild Side

Al Hammond - It Never Rains In Southern California

Monday, July 16, 2012

Special Guest: Carl Watkins

When it comes to Mike, there can be only one. This can also be said of Carl Watkins. If they ever meet will one fight the other to the death? For the ultimate prize of omnipotent knowledge? Only time will tell.

Until then Carl and Ed chat about My Little Pony, quality storytelling, Joes vs. Tranfsormers, and the passing of Ted Dinslow.

Special Thanks: Alt-J - Fitzpleasure Lenny Kravitz - Rock and Roll Is Dead Bobby Conn - Never Get Ahead ABBA - Fernando