Tuesday, February 15, 2011


They said there wasn't that much Star Wars to talk about. They said we needed to grow up, and move on. They said we said "um" too much. But our fans said we were the best Star Wars podcast out there.

Guess who was right?

Star Wars rolls on, like mysterious paragraphs of words scrolling onward into the great, unknown universe. Voice of the Republic, however, has read that scroll too many times to count. We're hanging up our blasters, and becoming the crazy old hermits we are supposed to be.

Ah, fuck that. You know we're going to be here making bigger noises of our own. We hope you follow us on our journeys, separate though they may be. We thank you for all the years of downloading, listening, and urging us onward. Come by and see us any time. The shows are up forever, and the Vorum never closes.

The VORum

Joel Carroll

Ed Siemienkowicz

Mike Wagganer

Special Thanks:
Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens - Top Gun Anthem
Guns'n Roses - Double Talkin Jive
Stag - These Times

Don Henley - Boys of Summer
Alphaville - Forever Young

Michael Giacchino - Locke'ing Horns
Billy Squire - The Stroke
Working for a Nuclear Free City - Troubled Son

??? - ???
??? - ???

Part One

Part Two

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