Monday, June 25, 2012

Lifestyles of the Voice of the Republic

Ed and Mike catch up in the middle of their separate life changes, and bring the humorous, philosophical conversation that you love and adore. You do, don't you? Don't you? PLEASE LOVE US.

But really, from Firefly/Serenity to Bed Bugs, VOR goes deep, goes dark, and pulls it back up into the light to bring you solid conversational podcasting.

Special Thanks:
The New Division - Starfield
Kool and The Gang - Summer Madness
The Fall - Sparta 2XX

The Ink Panthers Podcast
Nerd Nation
NuibNiub's Universe

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  1. Please dont paint me as an apologist. Mike the Fordo is not a passive agressive slap at our favorite former EU author but was the red arc from the original Cartoon Network minisodes.

    As for Karen Travvis I am reading City of Pearl, her first work, and so far I like it. Very introductory as to set the plot for following books but so far so good.